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Abortion: The Thief of Peace

Updated: Jan 2

Abby was referred to us by the Health Department. During her visit, it was clear that she was determined to have an abortion. Abby had already experienced a lot of trauma in her young life, including recently losing someone close to her to suicide. Given her own struggle with depression and anxiety, she felt that abortion was her only option. But we know better. Abortion isn’t the giver of peace. Abortion is the thief of peace.

She was brave to share all that she did with us. Although she remained fairly quiet during her ultrasound, the Lord opened the door to share the gospel with her. She stated she was still considering abortion but was still unsure if that is what she wanted.

When Abby left clutching her new bible, it gave us hope.

We were thrilled when we came back for a follow-up ultrasound with a supportive friend who was also encouraging her to choose life for her baby. We had the opportunity to talk with Abby's friend and hear how God had recently brought her back into each other’s lives. We all know what a blessing friendship is and we witnessed first hand that day.

Our client chose life with the support of a life-affirming friend! We praise the Lord for the seeds of the gospel that were planted in this woman’s life, for good friends, and for this sweet little baby.

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