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Ways To Serve

Make a difference on an ongoing basis in the lives of moms, dads, and families


Volunteers are our most valuable resource - we couldn't do what we do without you! Below you will find more in depth descriptions of current volunteer opportunities. The Medical Center is open Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm, and our Life Center hours vary and include evening times. We have several different types of volunteer opportunities available. If you have any questions and are a female volunteer, please reach out to Julie Tompkins, or contact Alaric West if you are a male looking to volunteer. Your first step is to fill out a volunteer application below. 


Patient Advocate or Male Mentor

A Patient Advocate is the backbone of our work at the center and requires you to meeting with our patients, assess their immediate needs, share the Gospel and present them with their options in a loving and nonjudgemental way. You will be required to complete our training and we ask that our advocates commit to one appointment time on any day that they can volunteer. This allows you to see a minimum of 1 client/ week, and helps us in scheduling appointments and keeping track of who comes in when. Appointment times generally run about 2 hours, so it ends up being about a 3 hour commitment/ week minimum.

Abortion Recovery Facilitator
Facilitate Biblical healing through our post-abortion Bible study. This facilitator leads an 8 week study for candidates one-on-one who reach out on how to be forgiven and set free.


Mentor for Parenting & Life Skills Classes (PLS)

This is our most demanding need and one of our most fulfilling and impactful opportunities for volunteers. We offer ongoing Parenting & Life Skills Classes to moms and dads all year long. Each round of classes is 6 weeks in length. The first 5 weeks consist of classes taught in our Life Center, followed by a Baby Shower in week 6. The main goal for mentors is to build relationships with our clients over the 6 weeks and ideally continue building a relationship after the classes are completed. We want our families to have ongoing support beyond what we can offer at BRPC. It’s important to us that our clients have support within their communities as they navigate being parents and raising their child/children. Ideally, we would like to have a group from a single church mentor a class or two together. Please see our Mentorship Guidelines and class schedule below for details and all that is involved in being a mentor. 


Teach a Class

We have a fabulous group of nurses, doulas, nurse practitioners, and childbirth educators who faithfully volunteer to teach our PLS classes. We would like to take some of the pressure off of these faithful volunteers and add to their numbers. Classes taught include pregnancy development, labor & delivery, interventions & comfort measures, newborn & postpartum care, postpartum depression, etc. Please let us know if you would like to teach at the Life Center!


Family Night Meals

Once a month we host a Family Night. Our Family Nights are open to all of our clients and patients as well as their family members. We provide a full meal - this is where our volunteers come in. If you and a group of friends would like to provide a dinner for our families please go to our Meal Train and sign up! We often have speakers/trainers come to our Family Nights to teach about parenting, budgeting, health insurance, CPR, etc. Some evenings are Game Nights! The main focus, however, is creating a space for food & fellowship and building community!


We provide daycare to our families when they attend classes and events in the Life Center. The majority of our daycare is provided through LU students. However, they leave for the summer and the holidays and aren’t always available at the times we need daycare. If you have experience with babies and young children and would like to serve in our daycare, we would love to have you. (Referrals and background checks will be completed.)


Bi-lingual Volunteers

We would like to be equipped to offer our Spanish-speaking neighbors all of BRPC’s services. We need bi-lingual volunteers to make this happen. If you are bi-lingual and interested in helping us in this area, please reach out.


Host a Baby Shower

We give an extensive amount of baby items away to our clients. Each mom/dad who goes through our Parenting & Life Skills Classes (PLS) receives a few free baby items at each class they attend as well as a Baby Shower in the final week. PLS clients also receive free diapers and wipes for their baby’s first year of life. If your church, family, or group is unable to mentor a class, hosting a Baby Shower is a great opportunity for you (and your group) to support us. This helps the center as well as the mentoring groups.


Summer & Holiday Cleaning

We are blessed that many Liberty University students choose the BRPC to fulfill their required service hours. They are a huge help during the school year. Because our events and classes run all year, however, we need help to keep our facility clean when the spring semester ends and over the LU holiday breaks. If you would be willing to help keep our center clean when our LU volunteers are unavailable, we could use your help. 


Church Liaison 

Connect us with your church leaders and help facilitate baby bottle campaigns or promote events throughout the year

Service Projects

Contact us about ongoing needs at the center and how to organize a service project

Event Volunteer

Many hands make light work! These volunteers help us with our annual fundraisers through a one time commitment.

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